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About Woodshop Therapy

At a time in our history where so many things are being automated or outsourced to low-cost labor, woodworking is becoming a rare skill in developed countries. Most furniture is imported from third world countries and decade after decade there are fewer businesses that can compete to build woodworking products. Regardless, there is an interest from a group of people who love to build and work with wood.

If you're a hobby woodworker or you have a part-time woodworking business, there are resources here to help you pursue your passion. Sometimes people begin woodworking after taking a class in high school or are taught some woodworking from their parent or grandparent. Others may not find the craft until they start improving their first home or help someone else with their projects. Unless you study woodworking formally, there's no clear path on how to learn woodworking. Often people pick up a new skill because they have an interest in building something specific.

Woodworking is a skill that is built year after year. A new woodworker may gain skills by watching others, taking a class, or experimenting with something new. Our approach to sharing the skills and knowledge about woodworking is to work through projects and include tips and techniques you can learn from. If you're interested in earning some income from your woodworking, we have resources to guide you along that challenging path as well. Our main goal is to help spread the knowledge of woodworking so more people can enjoy the craft.

If you're already a woodworker, you can probably relate to the enjoyment and satisfaction you get from working in your woodshop. If you're new to woodworking, it can be life-long hobby or a business that brings you great pleasure. Here's how woodworkers typically describe why they enjoy woodworking:

  • Feeling productive when making something
  • That awesome feeling of getting in the groove and losing track of time
  • Pride for the work they produce
  • Working with their hands instead of working in an office
  • I save money by doing it myself
  • Feeling less stressed after spending time woodworking
  • Sense of accomplishment
  • Fulfilling
  • Enjoy the praise for my work from my spouse, family, and friends
  • It just feels right, comfortable
  • I can't sit still – I'd rather be making something than sitting on a beach for days

Most of our content is produced by Scott Bennett, who is an experienced woodworker. He has competed in international woodworking competitions and has had his work featured in a national magazine. He currently operates a part-time woodworking business where he designs and builds custom woodworking pieces as well as making furniture repairs. Scott has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, has earned a Certified Business Analyst Professional designation, obtained a LEED Green Associate accreditation from the U.S. Green Building Council, and earned a public speaking designation from Toastmasters International. The diversity of his background brings a unique perspective on woodworking and woodworking businesses.

Scott feels fortunate to have found his passion and is sharing his skill for others to do the same. Scott says "My time in the woodshop is what grounds me. It's what I was meant to do. I come out feeling less stressed and more social. It's my woodshop therapy time."

Enjoy your time in the woodshop!